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The balls in your court

At ZING Sportswear we specialise in bespoke and fully custom sports kit, working across multiple sports with a range of products available for you to customise. Our 3D sports kit designer gives you the creative freedom to design your own look and feel, giving you the power to showcase and celebrate the identity of your club and team. Once you’re happy with your creation, we make each item using high-quality performance-based materials. Our team specialises in producing garments to the exact look you create, down to the final stitch. Click through to your sport below and start designing your perfect sportswear today.

We work with the best

An experienced and valued producer of custom kits for nearly a decade

Our sister company, SWAZ, has been producing custom sports kits for nearly a decade. At ZING Sportswear we use the same material, machinery, and personnel to create our custom-made kits. We do this by sublimating your logos, patterns, and sponsor artwork directly onto high-quality performance material. A method of printing that transfers a design into the fabric using ink and heat. The benefit of printing this way is that the design elements all form part of the kit, including the logo, names, numbers, and all sponsor artwork.

Create your own look and style

Knock the competition out of the park

As part of our service, we offer the option for clubs and teams to have their very own ‘ZING Sportswear team shop’ – where all the products you buy from us, including custom kits and sports, training kit and teamwear, fan merchandise and much more, will be featured and easy to find and purchase.

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The quality we demand from our team

We deliver the goods every single time

We have no hidden fees for extra design elements and the product is robust, visually perfect, and will last the test of time. Once we’re happy with the way the design features on the garment, our experienced team stitches it together and sends it your way. Across both brands, we continuously receive five-star reviews not only for the design flexibility of our products but the way it looks and feels when worn on game day.

From the point of order, to when you can expect to receive your products and items, we average between four to six weeks to produce and deliver custom-made items, and two weeks for non-custom training kits and team wear. This can vary occasionally, depending on the country of destination and the time of year.

Stand out from the competition

We take a brief, create the kit to the exact specifications agreed with you, and deliver kits, training kits and teamwear that players, coaches, and fans sport proudly. Unique kit designs offer so much more to the identity of a sports club than off-the-shelf options. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about what we do, please reach out and ask and we would be happy to help. Otherwise, you can check out our frequently asked questions.